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Carnavale Resources Limited (“Carnavale” or “Company”) is a West Australian based, mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (CAV.ASX) and on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt (YBB.FF). The Company is focused on acquiring and exploring high quality and advanced exploration and development projects prospective for strategic minerals associated with the electric vehicle battery sector and other new-age disruptive technologies, as well as nickel, gold and precious metals. 

Carnavale has brought to gether a team of experienced exploration geologists, with a history of exploration success, to unlock the potential of Carnavale's exciting exploration opportunities. 

The increasing global demand for electric vehicle batteries is predicted to increase significantly over the next decade in various forms of new age batteries. Additional demand will come from robotics, renewable energy, energy storage and computer technology. A recent study reported by Rio Tinto Limited and undertaken by Massachusetts Institute of Technology identified 13 metals/minerals that are most likely to be positively impacted by this increasing demand including: Tin, Lithium, Cobalt, Silver, Nickel, Gold, Tungsten, Vanadium, Graphite, Niobium, Zinc, Platinum group elements and Salt

Carnavale’s key projects include;

  1. Grey Dam Nickel-Cobalt Project (100% E28/1477, M28/378) plus an option to acquire 80% of Minex (Aust) Pty Ltd tenements E28/2760, E 28/2506 E28/2682, E28/2567 and an option to acquire 80% of Simon Buswell Smith tenement E28/2587 targetting nickel sulphide mineralsiation, located near Kurnalpi approximately 90km northeast of Kalgoorlie, West Australia.
  2. An option to acquire 80% of the Mt. Alexander Nickel Sulphide Project located approximately 100km west of Leonora, Western Australia.
  3. An option to acquire 80% of the Kookynie high-grade gold project located within the Kookynie historic mining camp plus 100% of P40/1480 and 100% of application E40/394, 60km south of Leonora, Western Australia. 
  4. An option to acquire 80% of the Ora Banda South gold project located 8km south of Ora Banda. The Ora Banda South project has a geological setting that is analagous to Goldfields Ltd Invincible gold mine.



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